Our holistic drug rehab program is not “one-size fits all”; however, we offer the same price for all the services in inpatient rehab (whether for drugs, alcohol or both) for what we call “primary residential treatment”: where people live with us for 30, 60 or 90 days (or longer) to get the help they need. We would be happy to discuss our availability and program costs. Please call Toll Free 1(800) 803.8864. Our drug rehab center in Costa Rica is all-inclusive. This means you pay a set price for everything, without extra charges. The only possible extra costs would be to purchase extra snacks off-site, cigarettes and personal items.


Does Casa Morphos take Insurance for the treatment?

Our programs are out of network from accepting all MAJOR INSURANCE in USA and Canada. Please contact, one of our Admission Coordinators for other options in order to discuss our rates or we can direct you to treatment money lending providers.

Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?

Our programs are out of network from accepting all MAJOR INSURANCE or MEDICARE/ MEDICAID in USA and Canada. Please contact, one of our Admission Coordinators for other options in order to discuss our rates or we can direct you to treatment money lending providers.

Are private rooms available?

A private room is available at an additional charge but usually we offer shared accommodations.

What are your private pay rates?

Our private pay rates are calculated based upon a per diem rate and will vary depending upon length of stay and program enrollment. Please call our Intake coordinator at (800) 803.8664 for your individualized price quote and payment options.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We ONLY accept wire transfers, cash deposits and cash payment or credit card. If your credit card is linked to your bank account, your bank may have a daily limit imposed. You can have this temporarily lifted by contacting your bank. If payment is by wire transfer, the funds must be received prior to admission. Funds may take several days to transfer.

If I leave treatment early, what is your refund policy? NO REFUND, if you leave the treatment for some reasons and once the contract has been signed already. If the discharge is considered Against Medical Advice (A.M.A.), Against Staff Advice (A.S.A), or Therapeutic Discharge (T.D.), a no refund policy will be instituted.



How do I get admitted?

Admission to our facility can be easily arranged by contacting one of our Admissions Coordinators at (800) 803.8664. They can assist with flight bookings, verifications and payment questions. A pre-admission screening over the phone is required prior to admission. This usually takes 10-20 minutes. This pre-screening may raise issues which will require the submission of medical records prior to admission. Barring special circumstances, admissions can easily be arranged within the same day as your original phone call if payment received on the same day.

What airport should I fly into?

The nearest airport is Liberia Airport (LIR) | Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport

 (20 minutes minimum up to 30 minute drive), to our facility.

Will transportation be provided from the airport to the facility?

We will provide transportation from Liberia Airport (LIR) | Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport to our facility. In addition, we can provide courtesy transportation for local clients to the facility.

What should I bring to treatment? 

1. Traveling Insurance Card

2. Prescription Card

3. All medications (in original bottles)

4. Cash for your patient account

5. Appropriate Clothing (for warm and cool , wet and dry weather)

6. Gym Clothing

7. Beach Wear & Beach Towel

8. Sun Screen

9. Ipod, ipad etc.

10. Books and magazines etc. – if applicable

11. Ponchos

12. Eyeglasses / Contact Lenses & appropriate accessories

Will my loved ones be contacted once I arrive at the facility?

When you arrive at our facility, our staff member will contact a person of your choice to let them know that you have arrived at the facility safely.

Should I bring my medications to treatment?

Please bring any medications you are currently prescribed in the original prescription bottle with prescription.


Costa Rica is a cradle of hope for people that seek holistic treatment and recovery. Our drug rehab is nestled in the Papagayo Peninsula, on the Costa Rican coast, combining the two most sought-after attractions (jungle and ocean) that offer an ideal venue for inner self-discovery. These gifts of nature evoke positive results in terms of recovery and healing. Experience shows that Costa Rica would be the best option to consider for those who are seeking to stop all forms of addiction.

Costa Rica is a haven for recovering addicts because of the relative safety of the country. Our facility’s location means it is virtually impossible for our guests to come into contact with drugs. The country is home to kind locals and a spectacular natural beauty that entrances those who come to visit, whether for treatment or another industry that involves recovery and healing.


We offer 30, 60 or 90 day programs. If you sign up for the 90 day program, and pay cash up front, you receive a 5% discount. If you decide not to complete the full length of your pre-arranged program, we will be unable to issue a refund.


  •  Room and Board based on double occupancy
  •  Detox services (depending on need)
  •  Three Meals a day (see dietary section)
  •  Nutritional Support (supplements to support cleansing and rebuilding)
  •  Drug and Alcohol counseling
  •  Psychotherapy
  •  Holistic Treatment and Ancillary Services (programs)
  •  Weekend activities (see activities)
  •  Medical Services – we have a medical doctor on site
  •  Nursing Services – 24/7 (detox)
  •  Drug testing
  •  Laboratory work
  •  Psychiatric evaluation (if recommended)
  •  Personal enrichment
  •  Art therapy
  •  Motivational therapy
  •  Life Coaching


We are located in the Pacific Coasts, in a beautiful high land area of Costa Rica, in the province of Guanacaste, 3 minutes walk to the Papagayo Peninsula, Playa Hermosa and nearly an hour to a famous Nationals parks, rainforests and beaches

The nearest airport is Juan Santa Maria International Airport in San Jose, approximately an hour and 30 minute away from the facility, which is served by many major airlines in the US and other countries.

Private, comfortable transfer to and from Juan Santa Maria International Airport is included in the price of your treatment.


Yes, you are responsible for purchasing traveler’s insurance. You must have it to be a client at the center. Since we are not covering any medical admissions during emergency cases otherwise it will be out of your pocket. We will ask you to send us proof of insurance before you arrive.