Group therapy and educational classes creates a deeper sense of self-reflection and also teaches participants how to relate to others, challenge their perceptions, and build relationships, which they may have had trouble doing while struggling with addictions. The key to facilitating intelligent conversation is mixing up the substance abuse group topics regularly.
Casa Morphos switch back and forth between process groups and themed groups. Themed groups, also known as structured groups, are usually led by our facilitator on a particular topic, such as anxiety. The session will often begin with a brief lecture, followed up by group discussion and activities. Only one theme is covered in each scheduled theme group.
Our process groups are usually less structured, though our counselor will still act as a facilitator to lead conversations or reign them in if necessary. Process groups can focus on one or many themes, and participants are encouraged to address any issues they feel are important with the group. The key element of a process group is interaction and shared feedback between attendees. Both process and themed groups work well with clients on the road to recovery, as long as the substance abuse group topics challenge them and interest them enough to participate.